A Collection of Heavenly High (dvd)


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  1. The Accused:  A new student is accused of stealing the fundraiser money.
  2. Cheer Pressure:   A new student faces resistance when she tries out for the cheer squad.
  3. Welcome to HH:  It’s the first day of school at Heavenly High.
  4. Sock It To Her:   Mindy struggles to rally a girls soccer team together after being rejected by the boys football team.
  5. The Wall:  The student put their differences aside and rally to Ms. Pelton’s defense when her abusive ex-husband attacks her at school.
  6. Whiskey Bottle:  Ms. G is busted for drinking on the job when Mr. Suggs finds a whiskey bottle in her cleaning cart.
  7. Nerd’s United:  The school bully meets his match when he challenges the wrong nerd.


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