Invest & Sponsor

Investors – 
We are seeking investors for some projects (especially our higher budget films). An investor is a person or group of people who fund a film project for a possible return on their investment. (Please see Film Risks section below.)
Sponsors – 
We are seeking sponsors for many of our short and feature film projects. A Sponsor is a person or group of people who fund a project without concern for a return on their investments.

Check out our project slate to see what you might be interested in helping with.

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Risk and Benefits

Film Risks

Any film production today involves a high degree of risk. A contribution should not be made by anyone who cannot afford to make the contribution. Before contributions are made, the following risks must be carefully considered: a) the success of any medium, whether film, TV or music depends on the public’s tastes and opinions at any given time. The likes and dislikes of the public vary greatly from day to day and can never be determined.

As a result, it is impossible to predict the success of any film. b) The release of a similar film may affect the popularity of another film released at the same time. c) As a result of the above factors, and others not listed here, only a small percentage of films recoup their cost. Though not guaranteed, it is in our most sincere belief that LCE can produce and distribute films that will potentially cross the profit line. With this known, it is even more important to get Gods message out to the viewing audience without regard or concern for money.


The Market

There is no doubt that for a faith-based film to be successful in today’s market it must have a powerful, compelling story. However, it does not end there. Films like LCE produces and distributes must also have a powerful cast, highly qualified crew, determined administration/marketing staff and God driven financial partners. The recent success of independent faith-based films has insured that the independent Christian segment will continue with the strong growth pattern started over the last few years.


Distribution Strategy

LCE implements a distribution plan that includes but is not limited to the outline below.

  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Theatrical releases
  • Screen in Churches.
  • Produce to DVD, BluRay, etc.
  • Market DVD to church audiences, internet and retail stores
  • Distribute via Video On Demand Platforms around the world.
    • ITunes, Amazon, VUDU, HULU, Vimeo, Sony, Xbox, Play Station, Google Play, etc.
  • Present to community groups for consideration.
    • Chamber of Commerce, AA & NA groups, Schools, YMCA/YWCA, Youth Organizations,