David Ford, a devout Christian and father, grew up in the Longview, Texas area along with two brothers and a sister. He enjoys fishing, camping, family, exercise, and playing Madden football when he is not working on a film or script project.
David is a self-taught student of the film industry. He grew up producing short comic videos with friends but really got the “acting bug” while in college when he was cast as an extra in a film production. It wasn’t long before he started honing his skills in screenwriting as well as acting. David said, “I think the key to being successful is ongoing training and study, whether it be formal or informal, as long as one is practicing always.”
David first came to know Stuart Miller and GodZone Ministry in 2007 as the original writer for the nationally televised Heavenly High series. The two found a kinship in their passion to share the gospel of Christ through film.
David hopes that through his movies many people will be encouraged and inspired to lead a Christian lifestyle.
David D. Ford, “I’ve been through a lot of personal trials and obstacles in trying to reach my goals and I think my biggest accomplishment has been just staying with it!  I thank Jesus for being with me and giving me strength.”